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I had learned about Heaven all of my life.  When I was approximately twelve years of age, I questioned whether I was headed for Heaven or not.  I knew I had done wrong things which the Bible called sin.  I knew sin separates us from God.  And that described me.  I was separated from Him 

Through talking to my parents and pastor, I realized that Heaven was a free gift.  I could not earn my way there and I did not deserve to go. I was also told that God loved me and did not want to punish me but yet God was perfect and had promised to punish my sin.

God solved this by sending Jesus Christ to take my very own punishment and all I needed to do what to tell God that I believe Jesus did this for me and accept HIM as my very own gift.  I prayed a prayer similar to this...

 Jesus wants to do the same for you.  Sin separates us from God.  God's desire is for you and Him to be "best buds" - friends forever - never separated!  But He's a perfect gentleman and leaves that choice up to us.  What will you choose?  You can start your eternal life right now!

Dear Jesus,

I know that I'm a sinner, deserving the punishment of

being separated from you in a place that the Bible calls Hell.

Forgive me now of all my sin and for being a sinner.

I believe that you gave your life on a cross, and God punished YOU

for my sin.  I believe that You died, You were buried, and came back to life again.

I'm asking You, and trusting You to forgive me and give me everlasting life.

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