This Weeks E-pistle:

The Call

Ever get a call from a great friend?  How do you answer?  What about those tele-marketer calls?  We answer differently don't we?


In the book of Job, he says, "when He calls, I'll answer".  When God calls us to leave this world, we will answer.


Just got back from a prayer time at Tennessee High.  Within a week at separate times, they have lost a football player and a coach.  Heartbreaking!  Please know Viking Family that I'm praying for you.


God called and they answered.  My question is to you, when He calls you, not will you answer but how.  Will it be a tele-marketer response of I don't want to see you because I'm not ready or will it be a good friend that you'll be glad to see.


When He calls, you'll answer.  How?  Be ready!  Trust Him as Savior!