This Weeks E-pistle:

Paul's E-pistle May 30, 2021


Pause That Refreshes

Just opened a can of soda.  I'm trying to cut down and doing fairly well for the beginning of summer but tonight that soda was the "pause that refreshed."  Tasted pretty good.


Soda's not the best thing for refreshment.  Water is always number one.  Sometimes you just want a soda though.


Speaking of refreshing, that's what God's word does.  It refreshes our soul.  To think that the creator of the universe wrote us a book and we get to read it.  Wow.  That's the true pause that refreshes.


Here's an idea.  This week, grab a cup of coffee, soda, water, oj, or your favorite beverage of choice, and dig into God's word each and every day.  That way, you can refresh physically and spiritually at the same time!