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This Weeks E-pistle:

"BEAR" Witness


Let me tell you about my dream.  Church was just about to start and I was coming out of the building for some reason.  As I got to the parking lot across the street, I ended up past the lot and into the woods.  On my return a few of us were met by bears running around.  I hopped on my bike and as I was peddling, one of the bears caught up with me, put it’s paws around my neck and was running along on its hind leg-, uh, paws.  He was enjoying the ride.  I think it actually hopped all the way on the bike at some point.


I was scared to stop for fear he would get mad that the ride was over.  So there I was.  Stuck peddling around the parking lot giving his bear a ride.  Vehicles kept coming on the lot so I had to keep dodging them to keep the ride going.  I was growing tired, cars kept coming and this ride was coming to an end.  


Of course being in the day and time we are living in, I had to overcome the obvious danger to grab my phone so I could get a video of this.  The video kept messing up and my biggest worry turned to not being able to get footage of this spectacle.  A friend came out and I tossed my phone to her to capture the memory.  Finally, I ran out of room and came crashing down.  The bear fell too and looked hurt so I threw caution to the wind and petted it to see if it was ok.  Turns out it was and then it scampered off.


All that to say, hey, when we have a great story, we like to share it.  As Christians, we have the best story in the world.  And it's not a dream but a dream come true.  A God that would sacrifice His own Son for us.  WOW!


That's the good news...the greatest story.  Go out and "bear" witness to this story this week!


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