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This Weeks E-pistle:

Paul's E-pisle September 16, 2023

Thank You For The Acorn

Been at a missions conference all week. Tonight was an international dinner and worship. Prior to starting there was a kid so I grabbed an acorn and using my incredible skills as a master magician, (lol), I made it disappear.

After the dinner we sang. To enhance our international night, some parts of the songs were in Spanish and we were encouraged to give it a shot. A shot is all I had. (I have enough trouble with English).

As I was, shall we say, butchering the Spanish language, my thoughts ran to wishing I could speak Spanish. God could use me more.

Sometimes I get the "I wish'es" and wish I could sing, do this or have that skill. Oh how God could use me then. And then...

I put my hand in my pocket and felt my acorn. (Not telling how it got there). God reminded me of the trick that I did earlier and that He equipped me for just where He put me. He gave me a passion to reach kids and teens in East TN and SW VA. He gave me some skill in doing magic tricks. He even gave me the spiritual gift of being an idiot that He uses quite often.

So thank you Lord for my acorn. Hmm. It's still in my pocket. I may dry it out and place it somewhere in the house as a constant reminder that God makes no mistakes and He makes us just how He wants for His purpose.

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