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This Weeks E-pistle:

Paul's E-pistle March 19, 2023

That's Kinda Jerky
I opened up the Jerky seasoning about 4 months ago. Somewhere I saw that I needed to freeze the deer burger for at least 2 months before Jerkyizing it.  Got the burger out two days ago to thaw.  Got the Jerky seasoning out but couldn't find the instructions. Went to buy some more but the store for the instructions but they didn't have any.  So I googled and guessed!

How far would you go for the proper instructions.  For jerky I didn't go far.  But for life, all we have to do is go to God's word.  It has the instructions for life.

Someone once said that BIBLE stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.  Check out and follow God's instructions.  Not too tough to find them.  

Hope my jerky's not too tough as well.  Find out when it's done!

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