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This Weeks E-pistle:

Paul's E-pistle May 5, 2024

Tesla Trouble
I saw a video where a couple were in a Tesla and all of a sudden it went "rogue" and started driving itself with no destination entered.  They were up for the adventure and let it drive until it parked were it wanted.  Pretty funny video.  

We can't do that in our life and expect to be satisfied with the results.  We need direction and then to follow it.  That direction information is from the Bible.  We must input it in our lives and live it out or else, disaster.

The couple let Tesla take the wheel.  Not to be cliche but we must let Jesus take the wheel of our lives.  Only then will we win.  

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him!  (Wish I could say I made that saying up but I didn't).

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