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Paul's E-pistle March 6, 2022

Are You A Disciple

Confession.  I felt like a disciple tonight.  Uhh, it was in a bad way though.  Remember when Jesus was in the garden and He told the disciples to pray?  They ended up sleeping.  


I really wanted to listen to the message in church tonight.  And though I didn't fall asleep, the speaker had a soothing relaxing voice.  And after cleaning camp this afternoon well, let's just say my eyelids were heavy.  


I'd rather be like the disciples when they followed hard after Christ.  Like when Peter was preaching and thousands became believers.


Hey, we get sleepy.  Tiredness hits us.  But at least when we are awake we can be a fully devoted disciple of our Lord Jesus.


So get out there and make a difference for Jesus.  (And try to stay awake in church). :)

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