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Paul's E-pistle February 13, 2022


Two Guys (Not 5)

Not to be confused with Five Guys, (great food), there were two guys in the Bible.  John Mark and Timothy.  Both were workers with Paul the Apostle.


I bet John Mark was excited the day he found out he was going with Barnabas and Paul on a mission trip.  I'm sure he prayed, planned and prepped.  Not sure of the timeline involved but 13 verses later he bailed on them.  He left.  Could have been a million reasons why.  Perhaps an ingrown toenail or whatever.


Then there was Timothy.  All throughout the New Testament he was faithful.  Paul even referred to him as his son.  


You have a choice this week.  Will you be a John Mark or a Timothy?  Will you be faithful to Jesus or take a hall pass?  The choice is yours.


Let's be a "faithful Timothy" this week!  (And maybe grab some Five Guys Burgers and Fries while we're at it). 

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