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Paul's E-pistle January 30, 2022


Will He or Will He Not?

That is the question.  We find out Tuesday.  If "Phil" doesn't see his shadow, it's supposed to be an early spring.  The past few frigid days has me hoping that is the case.


Not sure we can trust a groundhog's prediction, but we can rely on God's word.  If the Bible says "God will...", then He will.  And vice versa.  (I think that's the very first time I've ever typed vice versa).  


God is good.  Bible says so.  God is just.  Bible says so.  God is righteous.  Bible says so.


Just as sure as "Phil" will have the center of attention this Tuesday, why not make it a priority to have God's word the center of your attention all this week.  His word is truth!


(Is it spring yet)?

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