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Paul's E-pistle May 8, 2022


Let Me Get You A New One

I was at the grocery store.  While there, I bought a small container of pre-cut watermelon chunks.  Easy breakfast you know.


While checking out, the bagger dropped the container and out came the goods.  I didn't even see it so he could have scooped it up real quick and I would be none the wiser (until I ate it).  The cashier told me he was going to get a replacement.  A new container.


God did the same thing for me years ago.  I had messed up my heart with sin.  I blew it.  No scooping up the mess.  God sent Jesus to pay the price and said, "here, let me get you a new heart".  He forgave me and made me new.

Offer is good for you too.  Have you trusted Jesus for a new and replaced heart?  If not, the "store" is still open.


Oh dear, hope that guy got me seedless!

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