Christmas!  Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well, after all the waiting, the week is finally here. And soon Christmas day will be here too. Presents, fun, and all kinds of great times hopefully await us. But the meaning of Christmas is... A cross!


Oh dear, where did that come from? Well, if you follow the meaning through, that's what it is about. As one of my favorite songs says, "It's About The Cross".


Yes, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, as we should. But let's remember that it was because of our sins that He came. It was for our sins that He lived on earth, and it was for our sins that He paid the price on the cross. Jesus chose to be born so He could pay for our sin.


This Christmas, take some time to remember, as they say, the real meaning of Christmas. But also take some time to remember the purpose for it all. So we could be a child of God through His forgiveness!


Merry Christmas!