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A Fair Statement   Sunday, August 18, 2019


It's fair time here in East Tennessee.  Appalachian Fair starts tomorrow and CBM will have a booth in Commercial Building 1.  Drop in and see us if you are there.


I think of all the people that will be there.  Many will be aiming to make all the money they can as they sell goods, ride tickets, etc.  Others will attend to see thrills and a great time.  All good goals.  Hope that's not their main goal in life though.


I'll be there to share Jesus directly or indirectly.  Again, nothing wrong with making a living and seeking some fun.  But whatever your temporary goal is in life, it should be overshadowed with a passion to love Jesus and reach others who don't know His love.


What's your goal this week?  Why not set out to fix your eyes on Christ!

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