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I'll Have A Bag   Sunday, July 28, 2019

Went to WallyWorld tonight after church.  Was stocking up on counselor drinks, youth group snacks and some stuff for me.  As I grabbed the suggested chips for my youth group and left the isle, I kept thinking I would like some as well.  As I waited in one of the two lines open, (yay walmart), I saw a personal bag of said chips.  Guess what I ate on my way home from the store?


I wanted it because someone else had one.  That should be the reaction of folks we come in contact with each day when they see Christ in us.  They might not know what we have, but they should see a difference than those in the world and want what we got.


Are you showing the love of Christ in your daily life?  Will people see a difference in you this week?


Wow, now I'm thirsty from my chips!

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