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Looking for Something?   Sunday, September 15, 2019

I spent all week, (about all day, every day) at the Washington Co. Fair last week.  While there I saw people, lots of people.  As I watched them, I thought of how many were there looking for the next thrill in life.  


Nothing wrong with fairs, fun and thrills.  (No, I didn't ride the whirly, upside down rides).  However, I just wondered how many where searching for those things for the ultimate fulfillment in their life.  


My ultimate fulfillment comes from Jesus Christ and not the next thing around the corner.  I trust that is the same for you.  If not, then you will be ultimately disappointed.  Why?  Because only Jesus can fill that void in your life and give you purpose to live.


So whatcha lookin for?  I hope you have found it in Christ!

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