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Rendered Unusable .  Sunday, July 22, 2018

2 weeks ago I was running sound/video for our Jr High I Week.  I enjoyed playing videos, songs, etc.  At some point I had the bright idea of playing some videos off of my external hard drive.  They were very well received and enjoyed.


However, to my dismay, I just found out that good old Microsoft reformatted my hard drive when I plugged it into the camp windows computer which made it useless for my Mac computer.  (Please join me in a chorus of "Oh How I Hate Microsoft).


I'm on tech support as I'm typing this.  I have to save all my info on a PC so I can reformat the hard drive so I can use it again.  (No, I'm not bitter).  :)


Sin is like that.  You're cruising along in your walk with the Lord and satan blindsides you with something you didn't even expect and you are rendered useless to the cause of Christ.  


Keep your guard up.  Don't do something stupid, like I did with my hard drive, and cause your effectiveness for Jesus to be hurt.

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