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The WHAT Made The Difference?   Sunday, April 15, 2018

We needed to print something.  While placing the paper in the printer we reached above it and then heard something fall...and clang.  Surely it didn't fall in the printer did it?


We looked and couldn't see anything so we decided to print.  The paper didn't feed.  I guess something was in there.


I tried skinny magnets but found nothing.  Finally I took it to the computer store.  They found it buried deep in the corner of the roller.  It was a tiny metal cross pin that someone had given me and I stuck on the bulletin board...above the printer.  The cross made the difference for the printer not to work.


Has the cross of Christ made a difference in your life?  Just like it affected the printer, has Jesus affected your daily walk or do you just say you are a Christian.  The cross should and will make a difference.  Live it out!

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