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And Put It In A Dirty Cup!   Sunday, March 4, 2018

Forget what I was watching.  It was a comedy of some sort.  The "good guy" walked in to a bar full of rough and tough guys.  He walked up and said, "I'll have a milk".  Everyone stared at him so he followed it up with, "and put it in a dirty cup".  


Who would drink anything out of a dirty cup.  Not this little gray duck.  Even Jesus warned us about that.


He told us not to be like that.  Many people are you know.  They clean the outside of the cup but leave the inside dirty.  In other words, people make themselves look really good on the outside yet deep inside the heart, they are full of sin.


Don't be a dirty cup.  Be a clean vessel, inside and out, that God can use this week.

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