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What's The Cause?   Sunday, February 18, 2018

A tragic shooting in Florida.  So sad.  So many have voiced their opinion as well.  Some cry for more gun laws.  Others plead for mental health funding.  Yet others combine these and other thoughts.  But it seems very few say what it really is.


The reason?  SIN.  Pure and simple.  Will more laws help?  Search me.  How about mental health awareness.  Guess it couldn't hurt.  But if we don't deal with sin, the problem isn't solved.


And it doesn't start with shootings.  It starts in the heart.  A heart attitude.  From the worst of crimes to obeying the speed limit, the problem is people thinking the rules don't apply to them.  


But sin applies to everyone, myself included.  Any time we disobey God, no matter how small it seems to us, to God it is sin.  It cost Jesus His life on a cross.


When sin is played out to the fullest as happened this week, everyone takes notice.  However, examine your own life this week.  Are you living in disobedience to Christ?  If so, I John 1:9 has the solution.  Confess it and follow the Savior.  If everyone does that, our world will be a better and safer place.

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