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Any Takers?   Sunday, January 21, 2018

I was doing my dishes today and had this though.  What if I offered to come to your house and do your dishes for a month for free.  Would you accept that?  How about mowing your lawn for the 2018 season, again, no charge?  Any takers?  Oh, I might as well throw in the house work such as cleaning, dusting, taking out the trash.  How about now?


Don't hold your breath.  I'm not doing any of those for you as I have enough to do on my own.  


But the above offer doesn't even hold a candle to what God offers us.  He offers us forgiveness of sin, adoption as His child, peace, joy, love and so much more.  The price?  For us it's FREE!  For Him, it cost's His Son's life on the cross.


So, about His offer...any takers?

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