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Face Painting  August 19, 2018

It's that time of year again.  We have a booth at the fair in which we have face painting, register kids for Bible lessons, and advertise camp.  It's always a fun week.  Nothing fancy on the painting side of things.  Just simple stuff.  


Some kids want smilie faces.  Some want a flag.  Others decide on 3 crosses.  But each kid chooses something they want.  And that choice tells me somewhat of what they are interested in.  As they leave and walk through the fair, it tells others the same thing.


What does your face tell others?  Do you live for Christ and let Him shine through you?  Are you using your life to tell others about Jesus?


If you're at the Appalachian Fair  this week, stop by building 1 and say hey.  Also this week, let your life shine for Christ!

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