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Wanna Play?   Sunday, August 21, 2016


What is your favorite sport or game?  What do you like to do?  Many were in town for the race this weekend here in Bristol.  We have all kinds of fun things to do.  But...


God Don't Play!


No, God doesn't have anything against us having fun and enjoying ourselves.  And I personally hope you have a blast in your life.  But one thing we shouldn't play.


Don't play Christian.  Don't play church.  God is serious business and He means business.  Don't take God lightly and don't take His word lightly.  


I'm pretty sure none of us take God as serious as we should.  But Jesus sacrificing His life to pay for our sin is serious.  Eternal life is serious.  God is serious.


Examine your life.  Are you a GENUINE follower of Jesus or are you playing games.  

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