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That's Just Crazy   Sunday, July 3, 2016

I heard a story this weekend about a guy in the late 1700's who took his family to church.  You might think I'd be elated about that.  For sure I'm glad he and his family went to church.  Something we all should do.   But this guy was a like a lot of people today.  Here's the deal.


This guy have 4 wives and bunches of kids.  He, and all his wives and kids attended the same church.  And they all got along.  Problem was, according to God's Word, he was living in sin.  It seemed, though I didn't know him personally, (I'm not that old), he professed Jesus with his mouth and denied Him with his lifestyle.  


Seems like today doesn't it.  So many say they love Jesus but their life doesn't match up to the teachings of Christ.


Examination time.  Do you profess Jesus as your Savior?  Do you live for Him because He is your Lord?

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