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Be Transformed   Sunday, May 29, 2016

I got a meat slicer a few weeks ago.  I tried it on some veggies first and haven't had a chance until now to try meat.  I cooked a turkey roast and sliced away.  I now have about 2 lbs of turkey lunchmeat ready for devouring.

What happened.  It got transformed.  It started as a hunk of turkey and now it's in slices for sandwiches.  All because of a blade and some action on my part.

God wants us transformed.  He wants to change us.  How does that happen?  Through His Word.

Romans 12:2 tells us not to "conform" into what the world wants us to be.  (And it has a very different idea of what we should be than God does).  It says to be transformed, or changed, by renewing our mind, or changing the way we think.  We stop thinking the lies the world and satan throws at us and think and believe the truth found in Scripture.

I'll have sandwich meat this week because it was changed from solid to sliced.  Let God transform you into His image and make a difference in this world.

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