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That Was Spicy   Sunday, April 10, 2016

I was in the grocery store yesterday.  I hardly ever go there Saturday afternoon so I was surprised to find out they gave samples then.  They offered me some guacamole, (which I'm not sure I have ever had).  After asking what was in it due to health concerns, I found out it was pretty much healthy stuff so I sampled...and then I bought some.  

Just had some of the hot, (I bought mild as well).  My mouth was "on fire" for a while so I tried to extinguish the heat with some OJ.  It's finally died down.

I tasted and had to put the "fire" out.  But the Bible says taste and see that the Lord is good.  When we "taste" of Him, we become "on fire" for Jesus.  Don't let that fire go out.

If I wanted to keep the guac fire going, I'd have to keep eating it.  If I want to keep on fire for my Savior, which I do, I have to keep feeding spiritually through prayer, reading His Word, worshiping at church.

Are you on fire for Jesus?  Gonna stay that way this week?

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