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Got Dirt?   Sunday, February 28, 2016

I went out to buy a carpet scrubber like my mom had.  Just two round brushes and a water tank.  To my surprise, I discovered they don't make them anymore.  They only have ones that squirt the water out and then vacuum it back in.  Probably not a bad idea but not the low budget machine I was hoping for.

I borrowed a friend's and went to work.  I had some bad stains on my carpet so I had pretreated some spots and was excited to see the results.  Although not perfect, it is much better than it was.  Then I emptied the water.

Wow, who knew all that dirt was in the rug.  I'm glad it's up and gone now.  It amazed me just how much filth was hiding.

Got any dirt in your life?  Trying to hide your sin like my carpet was hiding dirt?  The Bible says that if we hid sin in our lives, God will not hear us.  I sure don't want to be in that position.

I did what it took to clean up my room.  Are you doing what it takes to live a clean and pure life?  Got sin?  I John 1:9.  

Why not clean up and live a pure and holy life before a pure and holy God? 

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