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A New Recipe   January 31, 2016

I'm gonna try it.  Hopefully, it will be a keeper.  I bet the house will smell good in the morning too!  Apple / Cinnamon Oatmeal ... made in the crock pot overnight. 

I have all the right ingredients and I'll get it going tonight.  I'm anticipating a healthy, great tasting breakfast in the morning.


Just like I have a new recipe for something good, Jesus gave his disciples a new command.  He said "a new commandment I give to you - that you love one another".  

I'm hoping for something good from my new recipe.  Jesus commands us to love to result in something good.  He wants us to love others to show His love and ultimately that others would receive His love too.  

Challenge?  Eat a good breakfast and go out to your world and love one another.  

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