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A Funny   February 15, 2016

The Bible tells us that a merry heart does good like a medicine.  So, in the spirit of a merry heart, here's a funny story.

I had a dream the other night.  I dreamed that a raccoon trap I had set had been visited and the food had been taken out.  I went out on my deck to see what had stolen the food expecting a raccoon.  It wasn't a raccoon but it was a pony...on roller skates!  I tried to take a picture knowing that the CBM staff wouldn't believe me and my camera wouldn't work.  By then, the pony had skated off.


Not sure what I had for a snack that night but it was a pretty funny dream.  I hope it brought some laughter to you.  The Bible tells us that if we have a merry heart, it is good for us.

Enjoy the snow.  Go have some fun.  Laugh.  And in all this, bring glory to God. 

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