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Starving Myself   February 7, 2016

Ok, not really.  I'm just hungry because I'm thinking about it.  I have a checkup with the doctor tomorrow and he's going to check my blood.  Therefore, I can't eat tonight.

After the doctor, I'm planning on grabbing "a bite", (probably more than that), to eat.  I'm going to "fill up" on some grub.

So many of us are starving ourselves spiritually.  We miss out on talking with Jesus.  We neglect reading His love letter to us.  We look for any excuse to miss church.  

After my doctor's appointment, I'm going to correct this hunger problem.  Most of us would.  Why would we want to starve ourselves spiritually.

Read God's Word.  Attend church faithfully.  Pray without ceasing.  


FEED YOURSELVES so you don't starve!

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