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It's A Pile of Dirt  Sunday, January 24, 2016

I learned something a few weeks back.  I didn't know it before.  I learned how a snowflake is formed.  It is when moisture forms around pollen or a dust particle and freezes.

Inside all those snowflakes that just fell this weekend are pieces of dust.  That pretty snow you played in, built forts in, threw at other people and sledded down IS A PILE OF DIRT!

Kind of like what we do sometimes.  We sin.  We disobey God.  And we try to cover it up by looking good.  We hid it from others and more important, we hid it from God.

A person cannot become a Christian by doing good things.  Because inside is the dirt, (or sin), that separates us from God.

And as Christians, what do we do?  We show up at church with our happy faces as if we never struggle with temptation.  (When's the last time you heard a prayer request about struggling with sin)?

Just as there is dirt inside a beautiful snowflake, many times we conceal sin in our lives.

A friend plowed my driveway today.  He got rid of the snow problem.  Why not go to God and confess your sin, and get rid of your sin problem.

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