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Want to Eat an Onion?   January 10, 2016

In my quest to eat healthier I made some salsa last night.  Salsa with pure ingredients and no monobyzanthiam and such.  (I just made that word up).


I got to thinking.  I wouldn't want to eat a plain onion by itself.  Just eating peppers doesn't appeal to me.  And why would I take a big mouthful of cilantro.  But once I mixed them all together, it tasted rather good.

The Bible tells us that if we are loving and serving God, ALL things work together for our good.  It doesn't say all things are good.  Just like an onion is not good by itself, a lot of things in our lives aren't good.  However, just like all the salsa ingredients work together for good, God's got our backs and He works out everything for our good.

Though it's scary to trust my culinary skills sometimes, i did and it worked out great.  It's scary to trust God sometimes.  But He is trustworthy and you can rely on Him.  

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