Good Thing It's Over   Sunday, August 30, 2015

We had a booth at the fair this week.  Painted a lot of faces and registered quite a few for Bible lessons.  We also ate.  :)

Tonight, after church, I was exhausted.  After a busy fair week and a busy day today, I was ready for a break.  Decided to watch a little tv before continuing my Sunday chores.  

I watched a show called "Carnival Eats".  As I was watching, I was glad the fair was over.  I was really glad I didn't see it last week.  Had that been the case, I would have yielded to the temptation to be on the midway every munchie time and divulging in "carnival eats" and watching my weight and blood pressure go off the charts.  It would have been quite the temptation.

We are tempted to sin all the time.   Satan throws tempting thoughts, sights, sounds, etc our way constantly.  Being tempted is not sin.  Yielding is sin.

How do we avoid sin?  Stay close to Christ.  How do we avoid temptation?  Many times we can't.  However, we can stay away from areas that we know temptation will exist.

May I encourage you to avoid sin at all costs this week.  Stay away from the temptation you can avoid, and stay as close to Jesus as you can.  Stay in His word.  Talk to Him constantly.

Have a victorious week in loving the Lord.

By the way, does anyone have a fried Oreo handy?  :)