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Wrong Pathway Bugs   Sunday, August 23, 2015

This weekend was race weekend in Bristol.  Before the gentleman (and perhaps ladies) could start their engines and race, they had to handle a problem.  A bunny decided to try out it's hopping skills and take a lap around the track.  Perhaps you saw the video of the pit crews chasing "bugs" and clearing the roadway.

Bugs was on the wrong path.  He was in danger.  He was posing a danger to the drivers.  

What path are you on?  Are you following God's leading or going your own way?  Not on God's path?  You are in danger!

Who loves you most?  God.  Who made you?  God.  Who knows what's best for you?  God.  Whose path should you follow?  GOD's!

Stay on the right path this week.  Pursue God with all your heart.  And watch out for bunnies on the racetrack!

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