Let's Do This   Sunday, August 2, 2015

After church this evening, I pulled in to an empty camp.  Kind of depressing.  I was returning from a church that had their kids at camp last week.  They gave a report and showed a few videos.  Cool night.

Point is...camp is over for the summer.

Many of you made some type of decision to follow Christ this summer at camp.  Many trusted Jesus as Savior.  Camp is over but the decisions should last.

And now, it's time for - well, you know - SCHOOL!  Many of you will start tomorrow.  Most everyone else begins the following week.  And some in September.

You will be entering the greatest mission field in the United States...your public school.  AND THE GOVERNMENT PAYS YOUR WAY!  Let's live out our faith to the kids in our schools.  Let them see Jesus in your life.  Share the good news with those around you.

Camp might be empty but your school is full of kids who need the hope, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ.  Share Him!  Let's do this!