SPAM - It's Not Just For Eating Anymore   Sunday, June 14, 2015

Most on this email list received an email from me this morning about a spam message I got from the Paul's E-pistle email list.  If you received the spam, I'm sorry.  Nobody replied to the email I sent so I'm assuming no one else got it.

Spam, (not the ham'mie type substance you eat), but junk emails sent out in hopes that...well...I'm not sure why they do it.  Anyway, it's annoying and a distraction.

Satan spams us with so many messages each and every day.  He is a master at distracting us from the Lord and attempts to draw us away in any way he can.  He is annoying and distracting.

How to avoid spam?  Electronically I'm not really sure.  But we can avoid satan's spam by sending it to the delete bin.  You stay close to Christ, stay grounded in His Word, keep close to Him in prayer.  Then, when satan spams us, we can resist his temptations and keep from getting off track with God.