Practice What You Preach - Sunday   July 12, 2015

I went to the airport security to see what I could take on a recent trip.  Being a magician, I wasn't sure if certain magic items would be ok.  As I pulled each item out of a plastic bag, the lady finally told me a website I could go to where I could learn ALL the information I needed.  

I then pulled out a little container of "magic stuff" and asked her if that would be good.  She said, "I'll have to check with my supervisor".  Without missing a beat, I repeated her advice to me and told her about this website that she could gain all the information she needed to know.  (I know, I was being a wise guy).

She told me advice and she didn't practice it herself.  How many times do we, as Christians, tell others how to live and not live it out ourselves?  

My goal in life is not just to share God's principles with others, but to live out my life in accordance to what I teach, (which hopefully lines up with God's directions).

Are you letting Jesus live out His life through you?  That's the only fool proof way of practicing and preaching the truth.

Let's be a genuine light for Jesus this week!