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I'm In   Sunday, July 5, 2015

I'm finally there.  Had to pick up the jackets that were on the floor (to clear out the fuse box), scan boocoo's, (is that spelled right), of receipts, gather up plastic wigglie craft eyes, and various and sundry other tasks, but I finally cleared off my desk.  I can work here now.

Camp has a way of cluttering one's office.  I come in, throw something down, pick something up and get back outside to the activities.  

Life has a way of cluttering up, well, our life.  Distractions from all directions and even sin invade us and we drift away from our true love - Jesus.

It's always a good thing to step back every now and again and review our relationship with Christ.  And if it isn't where it should be, we need to do some cleaning.

Don't let the stuff of life take away the meaning of life.  We are created to love Jesus...that's it.

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