Always Room For Amazing Grace   Sunday, May 31, 2015

Open House at camp had just ended.  We were loading tables.  I was gathering trash bags.  Busy, busy, busy!

In my rush, I was saying goodbye to a family.  As we chatted, the mother of a young girl told me her daughter could sing Amazing Grace in Cherokee.  Through some of Mom's coaxing, I heard 2 1/2 verses.  It was so sweet.

Was I busy?  Yup.  But I made some time to listen to a little girl sing her heart out to me.  She blessed me.  And I blessed her because I took the time to be involved in her life.

Speaking of taking time out of a busy schedule, 2000 years ago, (give or take a few), Jesus stepped out of eternity into our time zone.  He took time to live 33 years and die on a cross so He could be, not just involved in our lives, but so we could become His children.

Though it was really important for me to stop gathering trash yesterday to show love to a child, it wasn't really that amazing.  I enjoyed it.  But Jesus taking our punishment for sinning against Him in the first place?  That's AMAZING GRACE!!!