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Wonderful Weekend   Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can I share my weekend with you?  This weekend we had about 160 kids at camp.  Our job at camp was to feed them, host them, and show them a good time.  Our most important job this weekend was to pray for them.

Washed a lot of dishes this weekend.  Filled what seemed like a  swimming pool amount of sweet tea in pitchers.  Swept and mopped.  Served bacon and green beans.  Belayed at the climbing wall.  Prayed!

These kids were precious.  At the wall, I shared that just like they trusted the belay rope they could trust Jesus.  As they went through the dining hall line I smiled and showed Jesus through my kindness to them.  During a quick down time I found a kid on the porch and steered the conversation to how Jesus died for her sin.

I'm just saying I was so blessed this weekend serving this group and sharing Jesus Christ with them.  I couldn't have desired a better use of my time.  I'm praying that there were decisions made in their chapels, as well as through their leaders.  

My weekend?  I spent it investing in the lives of some kids who went back "home" to, for many of them, one or even no parents, no food in their fridge, abuse, and who knows what other horrors.  I'm so thankful God let me be Jesus to them for their two days here.

So what did you do with your weekend?

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