Life Well Spent   Sunday, May 24, 2015

Today I taught some youngin's about Jesus.  I shared "Secrets of a Happy Life".  I shared Bible verses along with some pretty funny pictures.  We smiled, laughed and learned verses on how do have joy, even through trials.

I shared with camp staff this evening about Jesus as well.  We sat around the campfire and enjoyed, as well as were challenged by each other's stories of how God has worked in our lives.

Not really sure what other guys my age were doing tonight.  Watching some tv, working in the garden, shopping, or whatever.  And I know not everyone has the opportunities camp and missionary life affords me.  All I'm saying is this.  I'm living a fulfilling life.  It's a life of serving Jesus and I wouldn't do anything else.

My main goal is just to love Jesus.  And if I've done that, I've lived a life well spent.

How you gonna spend this week?