New Life   Sunday, May 17, 2015

A few weeks ago there was a bird, a sparrow I think, on my deck.  I saw it several times and then saw it going in a trash can.  A week ago I heard the little baby birds from inside the trash can wanting to be fed.  Today, they were fluttering about on my deck.

Since they came from the trash can, I named one Oscar.  The next I named Mayer.  And the third goes by Weiner.  

New life has appeared on my deck.  They will soon be in the woods if not there already.

This morning a young man felt the call of God.  He came to the alter at my church and trusted Jesus as Savior.  He now has a new life in Christ.

He came from the trash of sin and came to a righteous and holy life.  Blameless and faultless before God!

Do you have new life in Christ?