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 W.W.U.P.D.   Sunday, May 5, 2015

It was exciting, humbling and a bit scary.  Tonight a leader was telling me about her kids class.  She told them that when they had a question of whether to do something or not, particularly dealing with sin, they were to ask themselves, "What Would Uncle Paul Do"?  

My first reaction was, "well I'm not sure about that".  But then I remembered what Paul said.  (The apostle not the uncle).  He said, "Follow me as I follow Christ".

As Christians, that should be how we live our lives.  We should live out our relationship with Jesus so that others see Him in us.

It's a tall order to be able to say that.  But that should be our goal.  Why not live your life this week to be the example to the world of how Christ want's us to live.

Paul, the apostle again, said, "for to live is Christ".  Let's live this week!

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