What Else Could I Do?   Sunday, March 29, 2015

If I offered you 1 million dollars to get serious about Jesus would you do it?  Sorry, but you caught me at a bad time.  I don't have 1 million to give.  But I have done some crazy things to tell people about Jesus Christ.

I've gone down water slides in my clothes.  I've been duct taped to a flag pole.  I've strapped a pedometer to my head and jogged in place to try and win the most amount of steps.  Innumerable pies in the face could be added to my resume.  Just as late as last week, I allowed myself to be toilet paper'ed like a, well, not sure what it was like.  I've also had soda poured on my head...which really stings if you're bald by the way.

All of this for the single purpose of earning the privilege of sharing Jesus Christ.  Some with whom I've shared Jesus with have turned their back on Him.  Others are such an encouragement when they become Jesus followers.


However, what I have done or will do fails to compare to what our Lord Jesus did.  He gave Himself to be tortured and killed.  He received God the Father's punishment for OUR sin.  

I do my best to share Jesus any way I know how.  But it's Jesus who made the difference.  

During this Easter season, please consider the incredible and ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for you.  If you don't know Him, trust Him as Savior today.  If you do know Him, let's get serious about becoming Jesus followers for the rest of our lives!