Super Aqua   Sunday, March 22, 2015

Meet Zippidie Doo Dah.  Not sure if it's spelled correctly but he goes by Zippie for short anyway.  He's my fish.  Here's a news flash...I keep him in water.  Just works out better that way.

Zippie needs water.  I can't take him out to play on my desk.  He doesn't sit on the dining room table for meals.  And, as the ole song says, "you can't take a goldfish for a walk".  (BTW, he's a beta).  He needs his water.

Jesus told a lady about water one time.  He said that if the lady knew who He was, she would ask Him for living water.

Living water?  What b that?  He was talking about His forgiveness which He freely offers to everyone...including YOU!  It's forgiveness!  It's mercy!  It's free!

Have you trusted Jesus as your Savior?  Have you placed your faith in Christ alone for forgiveness of sin?  He paid the price for your sin on the cross.

If you haven't, why not do that right now?  If you have, live this week as proof that you've had a slug of this water and it has made not just "a" difference but all the difference in the world.