Gotta Go Back   Sunday, March 1, 2015

After church this evening I went to the camp office to pick up a brochure I needed.  While there, I checked my mail, proof read some items, did various other things and went home.  Did I have the brochure when I got home?  Of course not.  

Seems like this forgetting stuff happens more the older I get.  (I think so anyway, I can't really remember).  But one thing I don't want to forget.

The Bible tells us not to forget all God's benefits.  We would think that it would be easy to remember. However, when you throw our enemy into the mix, he makes it easy to forget.

So here's your task.  Get some time alone with Jesus.  Remind yourself of all the benefits you receive from Him.  Salvation, forgiveness, mercy, etc.  And then spend some time thanking Him.

I'm gonna do that too.  (Probably after returning from the office and to get the brochure I forgot).