Do You Want To Build A . . . GARDEN?   February, 22, 2015

Nope, I didn't say snowman.  I figured if I did, with the weather we've been having, someone would attack me.  So, wanna get your shovel and seed out and get to gardening?

Oh wait!  It's still not the season for that.  At least that kind of gardening.  But I do want to sow some seed - tonight.

You see, the Bible tells us we reap, (harvest or get), what we sow, (plant).  I've spent my entire adult life sowing the seed of God's word and principles in many of your lives.  How 'bout some reaping?

In the sowing department, let me just say, hang in there and serve Jesus.  Trust Him fully.  Love Him with all ya got.  So there, I sowed.

So what are you sowing in your life?  Are you planting seeds of a holy life?  Are you fully devoted to following Jesus Christ?  You are going to reap what you sow, sow, I mean so, sow wisely.  (Say that 3 times fast).

Seriously, with all my heart I want to encourage you to live for Christ.  Because you'll end up with a life worth living if you keep on sowing the good seed.  And think what eternity will be like!

ps  Since we're talkin' gardens, can't wait till spring!