Throw Another Log On The Fire   Sunday, October 18,  2015

I've noticed some sweaters and hoodies appearing lately.  I've put on on myself.  Why?  It's cooling down in these parts.

I've heard reports of snow already.  Seems cold weather is just around the corner or even here as we speak.

We react to the weather don't we?  We adjust when it gets hot or cold.  It's just natural.

Do we react to God in the same way?  Do we sense His leading (by seeking Him), and react accordingly?

Just as we change our lives to keep warm or cool, we should change our lives when God says change.  If He says to get rid of something, what's keeping us from doing so?  When He instructs to add things to our walk with Him, why not do it?

Hope you stay warm this fall.  But I hope you stay "on fire" for Jesus Christ.