Worth The Effort   Sunday, January 11, 2015

Saw a football game yesterday played in up north.  Thousands of people gathered outside in sub freezing temperatures to get excited about their teams.  The cold didn't seem to bother them.  Even the players, refs, and others showed up.  

Yet today, so many who claim the name of Christ decided that something was more important than heading to a house of worship and love on the God they claim to love so much.

I'm just assuming that the football crowds will grow in attendance as they see the day of the super game approaching

God said attend church more and more as you see the day of Jesus' return approaching.  Yet we go less and less.

What's more important than worshiping Jesus?  Can't think of too many things.  What's more important than following God's instructions?  Nuttin' much on that list either.

Ok, so you missed this Sunday.  Why not make a plan and stick to it.  Many churches have Wednesday night service.  There ya go!  

People are already making plans, buying tickets, and "fixin" to go to next weekend's ball games (and freeze to death).  Make plans right now to attend church the next available time.  Betcha they have heated buildings too!

Let's get serious about Jesus!