Hope You Didn't Miss The Fun   Sunday, August 11, 2013

Did you get in on the fun?  Did you make it to the celebration?  I did.  Had a great time at church today teaching and worshiping.  Hope you didn't miss out!

Got to share a cool magic trick with my youth group this morning and challenge them, (and me), to live a holy, Christ honoring life.  Then in the morning service we were all challenged to give what we have to Christ because He loves us so much.  This evening we were treated with folks, adults and kids, singing praises.  Even my journey through the parking lot to the car was a blast.  (Word on the street says that part is gonna show up on Facebook).  :)

So did you miss out?  If so...poor you!  But guess what!  Next Sunday, believers in Christ are gonna do it all over again.  And maybe even Wednesday night.  

Why not make it a plan, put it on your calendar and go to church next Sunday.  If you go with the right attitude, you won't regret worshiping our Jesus with others who love Him.