Streaming   Sunday, June 30, 2013

What is streaming?  I picture a river I saw today.  Flowing either quickly or slowly, but flowing non the less.  I also picture our Savior and His love.

Think about it.  There is nothing that makes us lovable to a holy God.  He is pure and perfect and, well, we aren't.  But yet He chooses to love us anyway.

The ultimate example of His love was when He allowed His Son's blood to stream down a cross.  He was tortured and killed to pay for our sin.  His blood was the ultimate sacrifice His Father required of Him to pay for YOUR sin and MINE.  That's streaming love.

It also reminds me of what our love should be for Him.  A consistent flowing of gratitude resulting in a lifelong love relationship.

So, don't let your stream of love dry up!