True or False   Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just got a new phone.  It's a smart phone and I think this one will really be smart.  (I've had a few that...well...anyway).

It's sitting on my desk right now.  In fact, it's sitting beside my old one.  Funny, they both look like phones.  They both have buttons.  They both have battery power.  They both turn on.  There is one major difference.  Only one will make phone calls.

Only one is a true phone.  The other, (due to deactivation), is no longer a phone.  Guess you could call it a "phony".  :)

Many people act like Christians.  They know "Christianese".  They can put on a good act.  They know when to stand, sit, sing and pray.  They may even be very moral.  But if they don't have Christ living on the inside, they are fake.  And what's worse, they are lost in their sin.

Are you true?  Have you honestly had your sin forgiven by placing your trust in the work of Christ on the cross?  If not, you can be "activated".  Place your trust in Him for the forgiveness of sin and spend now and eternity in a friendship with Jesus!