Don't Wanna Waste It   Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ever drink that last little bit of soda out of the can, not because you wanted it but because you didn't want to waste it?  Ever force yourself to clean your plate just so you didn't have to throw it away?  

One thing I don't want to waste is my life.  I don't want to vegetate through my life, simply living day by day just to get through.  I want to make my life count.  I want to honor my Lord Jesus.  And the quicker we learn that life is all about actively loving Christ, the better off we will be. 

I don't wanna waste Mt. Dew.  :)   I don't wanna throw away a good piece of steak.  And I sure don't want to stand before my Lord after my life is over and wish I had a second chance at loving Him on earth.

Make plans this week to spend it with Him.  Purpose in your life to honor your Lord.  Don't waste your life!