Open House   Sunday, May 19, 2013

At camp, we are holding an Open House on June 1st.  Guess what?  You are invited.  Should be a great time of zipwiring, swimming, food and fun.  You do have to RSVP though.  That's so we know how many to prepare for.  Coming?

Jesus has a similar invitation.  He invites us to His house.  We have to RSVP though.  No so He knows how many to prepare for but so that He can prepare us.

Our open house has no stipulations.  Come one, come all.  But to go to Jesus' house, we have to be holy and ... we ain't!

Jesus solved that by dying on a cross to pay for our unholiness.  He paid the price and all we have to do is trust Him for forgiveness.  He does the rest.  He gives us His holiness and we are set to go to His place called Heaven.

Miss out on Open House?  Not a biggie.  You can grab some grub at Mickie D's.  Miss out on God's house?  Biggie.  Once your opportunity is lost, there is no going back.  Make sure you RSVP for your trip to Heaven!

(PS  for more info on Heaven, go to info on camp's open house, go to