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A Couple of Three Things   Sunday, April 14, 2013

Requirements.  Does anyone like that word?  I'm not too fond of it.  God requires something from us.  But, as He says, His requirements aren't all that bad...aka...His commandments are not burdensome.


Thing Number 1 - Do Justly

In order to see God and to spend eternity with Him you must do justly before Him.  BAD NEWS!  The Bible says none of us are just.  So here's how He fixed it.  He sent Jesus to die in our place and to be punished in our place.  When we place our trust in Him, He makes us just and righteous.  Problem solved!


Thing Number 2 - Love Mercy

Like that's hard to do!  If you've accomplished thing number one, thing number 2 is a walk in the park!  I mean, who wouldn't love God's mercy when He gives it to you.  A lost, separated human bound for hell and God gives you forgiveness and an eternity in Heaven!  Yup, I LOVE mercy!


Thing number 3 - Walk Humbly

Better than a walk in the park is a lifetime walk with the Lord.  And when we realize that it's all because of His grace and mercy, we willingly walk humbly with our God.  


There you have it.  Three requirements to knowing God.  And in knowing Him, these three things are more like a privilege!  Do you know Him?

Have a great week.  

PS.  Grab a Bible and read Micah 6:8.  It's a pretty cool verse!

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