BBQ Anyone?   Sunday, March 10, 2013

I can hardly keep my eyes open right now.  As soon as I type this, I'm headed to bed.  In fact, I'm so tired this evening. I had the thought that someone could feed me barbecued porcupine quills and I probably wouldn't notice.  That's tired!

Why the sleepy eye lids?  I've been going since Saturday trying to share Christ's love with others.  Some of it was advertising camp so kids would come and hear.  Some was preparation work.  And just rolled in from an 1 1/2 hour trip back from a Gospel magic show all to say "Jesus loves you".

Guess I'm a bit guilty of growing weary in well doing tonight.  But it's hard not to be when there are so many who need to know of God's desire to forgive them.  

Even while visiting a nearby church this morning, I couldn't get my mind off of their local elementary school and the students there that I desperately want to share this news with.  (And hopefully be doing just that March 19th).

My other thought before zzzzzzzzzz'ing is that I can't reach everyone.  So how 'bout some help!  If you know Jesus, why not share the news with someone this week.  Ask God to give you a burden for others around you who are headed for that place called hell.  Ask God to use you to share directions to Heaven.  

That's all for now.  Pass the BBQ sauce and goodnight!